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What is warehouse receipt loan advantage

warehouse warrant collateral loan, simply put, is using warehouse receipts as collateral of the borrower, a way to get loans from banks. So, what are the advantages of warehouse receipt loan? Small series introduced on this issue below, hope it is helpful for the borrowers.

Security. The high degree of standardization of the warehouse receipt. Moreover, the Futures Exchange under warehouse products have higher requirements, so has good liquidity of the warehouse receipt. Warehouse warrant collateral loans, in General, is relatively safe.

convenience. As warehouse warrant collateral loans risks controllable. So the loans, compared to other loans, the Bank streamlined loan approval procedures, making loans more quickly.

practicality. Bank may entrust the futures brokerage, withdrawal of admission for delivery, and allocation of the purchase price. Outside the direct control of the borrower pledge of warehouse receipt or delivery returns payment, banks can avoid the risk of overdue loans well.

linkage. Warehouse warrant collateral loans for banks, can not only expand the market area, can also attract borrowers and futures brokers will futures margin accounts into the Bank, so as to promote the development of futures-related business.