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Small and micro businesses no longer have to lend

18 plenary session, proposed, in addition to tax breaks for small and micro enterprises, should also increase financial support, which "helped give a lift was a" spirit. Chengdu, the CBRC has recently demanded banks in small and micro finance services to achieve "three innovations", promoting small and micro finance services.

these three innovations are: innovative repayment term, innovative mortgage products, creative ways. Chengdu CBRC source, innovative products the term designed to ease small business loan ' loan after the first ' pressure, small businesses do not need to "rush the loan" to higher financing costs. Meanwhile, the Bank should also be innovative repayment options, considered loans can be renewed automatically. Third, innovation is arriving in pledge, banks should gradually open up its reliance on collateral, guarantees.

the source, small and micro enterprise credit term innovation, Huaxia Bank, Industrial Bank, China Merchants Bank launched the "annual credit", "loan", "lending hand" and other products, meet the requirements of small and micro businesses without continued to repay the loan. In addition, the Bank introduced a maximum line of credit under the revolving credit, production and operating cycles can be flexibly matched small and micro businesses. Way of security innovation, Chengdu rural commercial bank, China Construction Bank, introduced the "credit", "order credit" and "credit invoice" weak security classes, such as new products.

by the end of June 2014, the city's banking small business loans totaled 419.2 billion yuan early this year, an increase of 58 billion yuan, compared with an increase of 11.7 billion yuan.

Chengdu agricultural firm: do Yuan within loan most fast 3rd issued

service small micro-enterprise, Chengdu agricultural firm specifically established 6 a small micro-enterprise franchise branch, in loan benefits Shang, implementation "limited do loan", regional within 5 million Yuan within of personal loan, and 10 million Yuan within of enterprise loan, most fast can in 3 a days within completed loan of approval and the issued.

it is understood that the rural commercial bank branch in 6 small business franchise in Chengdu are generally located in industrial parks, industrial parks together, dedicated to local enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises to provide settlement, consultation, Exchange, finance, banking and other financial services.

loan efficiency, small business franchise branches implement "limited credits" area of less than 5 million yuan in personal loans, less than 10 million yuan of business loans, quick loan approval and payment within 3 working days.

in addition, the franchised branches combined with local characteristics, actively engaged in micro-innovations in products and services. Such as Kai en small business franchise branch focused on corporate credit, weakening the traditional plain mortgage-backed model, using a variety of secured credit, as tax receipts finance, invoice financing, purchase order financing, accounts receivable financing, boosting small and micro enterprise development.