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Married money can apply for a loan

small Zhuo has been in love for years with his girlfriend, did not want to drag on, and the House is bought, it's time to get married. But little worry about Android is that marriage need Banquet, and want to take my wife out for their honeymoon, spent his own money to buy a House and decoration, where so much money "marriage"? In fact, marry money can apply for loans, depending on what is it all about? Together to find out.

at present, many banks have launched mortgage-free loans, loans are very versatile and can be used not only married, can also be used to decorate, to buy furniture, appliances, travel and so on, conditions required for loans is not high. Generally such loans require borrowers in a local stable work and income standards, can provide a continuous 6 months of Bank water and good credit history can apply.

in addition, there are many micro-credit companies also have such loans, more lenient conditions than bank loans, the monthly income requirements are generally lower. If the bank fails, it is recommended to small loan companies to apply for "marriage loans."

summarize what is marriage money can also apply for loans, we also wanted to give yourself and your partner an unforgettable wedding, after all, under normal circumstances, a once in a lifetime wedding, the flowers do not mean, in order not to give his regrets.