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As long as identity card can apply for a home credit loan?

Gitzo is a leading supplier of consumer finance, since the launch of loan, provided consumer demand for millions of ordinary consumers. Consumption in the shop, when you have enough money to do? Apply for credit consumption stage, believed to be a good choice. Have a lot of friends have raised questions: is it only with ID card can apply for home credit loans?

according to small make up about only with ID card is not eligible for home credit loans, for your credit in-store payments business in General, although it is not required to provide collateral and guarantees, but the most basic of social security card, bank card, proof of employment is required.

is credit cash loan business, it is understood that this is a kind of credit provided to the customer lending business, and loans will have concessions. Their loan application materials is not only an identity card as simple, specific details, you can consult a professional loan consultant loan.

credit approval of consumer loans is fast, easy to handle, if consumers see a favorite consumer products in their stores, you can directly submit a loan application in the shop, home credit loans approved in 60 minutes, after approval, customers can immediately take the goods home.